Social innovation and relational Capitalism

Let’s go back in the time. Let’s look for social innovation, the real one implemented in the society. How to find it? I propose trying texts and articles that talk about it clearly in the sense that we use today , “new ways to respond to new or emerging social needs”. Even stopping to 1800, we will discover quite quickly that social innovation is a cyclical phenomenon, as a succession of periods of high concentration and periods in which social innovations are rare. The first cycle reaches its peak in mid ‘800 – the first industrial revolution. The second in start of ‘900 – second industrial revolution. The third between 1930 and 1940 – financial capitalism. The fourth in the last 10 years of the ‘900 – cognitive capitalism. In this perspective, the social innovation becomes a phenomenon by which individuals react to the pressures of a changing social environment by interacting with it and fueling further changes. Continue reading